• I believe in honoring the gods of my Celtic Ancestors,
  • I believe in honoring my ancestors and the spirits of the place in which I live
  • I believe in the deep connection with kin, land and divinity as being interlinked and intertwined
  • I believe in celebrating the cycle of the seasons as expressed by the four Cross Quarter Days of Imbolc, Beltane,  Lúghnasadh and Samhain
  • I believe in the three realms of land, sea and sky and the cosmology of the sacred tree (bile) and wells
  • I believe in serving my Community when the opportunity arises,
  • I believe in Sacrifice.
  • I believe in honoring the Hearth and Home.
  • I believe in achieving ones personal best and acting in a manner that garners respect.
  • I believe in allowing others to choose their method of worship and expect them to afford me the same respect.
  • I believe in letting others live their life in the manner of their choosing and expect them not to infringe upon mine.

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