Invocation to Cernunnos

Great Horned God of my Ancestors,

Hunter, warrior, and poet, conductor of souls,

Lord of the Forest and all wild things,

Embodiment of masculine energy, fertility and power,

Praise and honor I give to thee,

Acknowledging your hand and power in my life,

You who can walk through the thickets and off-path,

And guide us to the trailhead of new adventures,

Your presence empowers and enervates me.

O’ Consort of the Triple Goddess

Lead as I follow you on the intellectual,

Emotional and experiential expeditions

Where the soul is educated in ancient archetypal legends

Of trial, initiation, endurance and enlightenment.

In admiration and adoration I praise you,

Standing in awe of all your glory and majesty.

I call to you to be my guide in all my spiritual endeavors.

Hear me now Cernunnos!

Come and bless me now with your presence!


Once again ‘tis that time,

When ancestral spirits

Gather round loved ones,

And those not so dear.

Now is for us the time

To reach out to them,

And bring back connection

To those with whom

We pledge our love.


The feast and games of Lugh

Once more are upon us.

Celebrate the harvest gain

Giving praise like thus,

Light the fires, burn them bright

Let us see the fruit and bread

On tables laden this night.

Enjoy the wholesome spread

Set for all to share and laud

The gods of hallowed harvest.


The changing of the king

Has come around again,

And so it is time for all to ring

Bells and chimes, welcoming then

The approaching sun, and sing

Out loud with joy and praise

Longer and warmer sunny days.


Let Me Learn At Your Knee

(This is a rewrite of the words to ‘Just A Closer Walk With Thee’ and can be used as a song hopefully to that tune. Changes may be forthcoming with more tweaking.)


V1     I am weak but you are strong

Danu guide me from all wrong;

I’ll be gratified as long

As I learn from beloved words and song. 


Let me learn at your knee.

Grant me, Danu, this is my plea

Daily learning I can be

Of more service, Danu let it be.

V2     In this world of hate and fears,
It’s hard to find someone who cares.

Let me again breathe the fresh air

As I labor Nature to repair.


V3     When my mortal life is o’er,

But time goes on forever more

Manannán row me safely o’er

To the Otherworld I do implore.



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