Samhain Dutch Oven Feast

Scottish Spiced Ale:


4                      eggs

4 ½ plus ½ cups          Scottish ale

            ¼                     cup clover honey

            2                      Tbsp. butter melted

            ¼                     tsp. Nutmeg

            ¼                     tsp. Cinnamon

            ¼                     tsp. Cloves, or to taste


  1. With a wire whisk, beat the eggs with ½ cup of the ale until frothy.
  2. Heat the remaining ale in a small pot until hot, being careful not to let it boil. While continuing to beat the eggs, pour the hot ale over the mixture. Return the mixture to the pot and add honey, butter and spices. Heat again but do not boil, or you will end up with scrambled eggs in your drink.
  3. Pour into large mugs and drink hot.





1¾       cups all purpose flour

3          Tbsp. sugar

2½       tsp. baking powder

½         tsp. salt

1/3       cup firm butter

1          large egg beaten

4-6       Tbsp. milk or heavy whipping cream


  1. Heat 12” Dutch oven to 400 degrees (19 coals on top and 10 on bottom)
  2. In a large bowl mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Cut in butter using a pastry blender until mix looks like fine bread crumbs.
  3. Stir in the egg and slowly add milk or cream until dough leaves the side of the bowl. Do not over mix!
  4. Place dough on a floured surface, pat it out to about ½ inch thickness and cut out using preferred style.
  5. Carefully put cut out scones into bottom of Dutch oven and cover with lid.

Bake 14-16 minutes or until light golden brown.



1          lb potatoes

1          lb turnips

1          stick butter, divided

1          small apple, peeled, boiled and mashed

¼         cup cream (optional)


This dish works best if you do not mash the vegetables and fruit together.


  1. Peel the potatoes, turnips and apples and boil them in separate pots until they are tender. Drain and mash them separately.
  2. Divide butter between the vegetable dishes and blend into the vegetables.
  3. Combine the mixtures and season to taste with salt and pepper. Beat thoroughly.
  4. If desired, make several holes in the puree with the end of a wooden spoon and pour the cream into the holes.
  5. Serve at once.


Scotch Collops with Cream



½         stick butter

1          Tbsp. oil

4          medium onions chopped

4          6 oz. slices of rump roast

            Salt and pepper to taste

2          cups wild mushrooms, sliced

1          Tbsp. cream


  Sauté the onion in butter and oil until golden brown. Remove from heat and set aside.

 In the same pan, brown the steaks on both sides for 2 minutes each. Place on top of onions in foil and wrap tightly.

 Sauté the mushrooms and cream in bottom of pan for 3 minutes, seasoning with a bit of salt and pepper to taste.

  Put onions and steak on serving dish and scatter mushrooms over the top.

 Serve immediately.

Apple Cinnamon Cake



2          eggs

1          plus ½ cup of sugar

1/3       cup of cream

1          stick of butter softened

            Pinch of salt

1          apple peeled, cored and grated

1 ½      cups of flour

1 ½      tsp baking powder

1 ½      tsp cinnamon

4          medium cooking apples, peeled, cored and sliced


  1. Heat 10″ Dutch oven to 400 degrees (17 coals on top and 8 on the bottom)
  2. Beat the eggs with 1 cup of the sugar.
  3. Combine cream butter and salt in a small pan. Heat until near boiling. Remove and immediately pour into the egg mixture.
  4. Fold in the grated apple, flour, baking powder  and cinnamon. Pour into foil lined Dutch oven.
  5. Arrange apple slices on top and sprinkle with remaining sugar.
  6. Bake for about 20 minutes or until the cake is firm to the touch.
  7. Serve warm.


All recipes but Scones modified from Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala


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